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Lou d´Arbois provides an expertly balanced combination of natural benefits, pleasure and effectiveness with an incomparable level of protection. These treatments are suitable for any type of sensitive skin and any complexion, in hot or cold climate.

Our skincare guarantees a minimum of 95% natural ingredients without parabens, PEG, GMO, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, silicone, mineral and paraffin oils.

Our complex Stem Cells Extreme Defense is based on Edelweiss stem cells blend to Alpine natural ingredients. Thanks to the biotechnology, results are fast: wrinkles are filled out by 14% after only 22 days of treatment. It is active on signs of aging, radiant skin tone, wrinkles, firmness, elasticity, deep moisturing.
Biotechnology is eco-friendly and combines efficacy and safety with plant cell culture:
Safety & quality:
* No GMO, no fertilizers, no pesticides, no preservatives, but high quantity of phytochemical, Sustainability:
* No biosphere destruction, no over exploitation of land, no widespread use of solvents
Edelweiss stem cells extracts show stronger antioxidant activity than many natural antioxidants including resveratrol and vitamin C. It significantly reduces the wrinkle intensity and improves visible skin main features, such as luminosity and compactness. It limits dermis component degradation and free radical damage of skin biological structures, in order to counteract wrinkle appearance.


Wild River
An intense moisture 30 minutes care

This deep hydrating and soothing facial is designed for any sensitive skin type.
The skin is protected against aggressive environmental influence such as sunlight, air conditioning and pollution. It regains its softness, elasticity and radiance.
* Flowered micellar coater
* Peel-off mask : The glucose hydrates the skin by maintaining the surface hydrolipidic film, the skin has a silky toucher after the application
* THE cream

Spring Brightness
Purity and lumonisity 60 minutes

Ideal treatment for an even complexion, this facial corrects hyper-pigmentation, works for brighter, clearer and radiantly glowing skin by nourishing and stimulating it while tightening pores thanks to the very high performance of the Nectar Vitaminé.
* Gold cleansing face gel
* Gold face scrub
* Nectar Vitaminé
* Gold peel-off mask
* THE cream

Timeless Star
Anti-age 90 minutes

By deep-acting procedures to obtain a global anti-aging effectiveness, this treatment highly concentrates on skin´s regeneration by providing vital components thanks to the both powerful Nectar Vitaminé which brings minerals, vitamins and hyaluronic acid and the serum filled with edelweiss stem cells and hyaluronic acid.

Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed; the epidermis toned and firmer. Skin appears luminous, lifted, younger and healthier.

* Gold cleansing face gel
* Gold face scrub
* Blueberry peel-off mask
* Nectar Vitaminé
* Eyes and lips contour
* Anti-aging serum
* Anti-aging cream

Snow Spirit
Whitening 60 minutes

This facial helps to get a snow-like complexion by reducing dark spots, brightening and unifying the skin thanks to biovegetal exclusive complex used for its whitening properties owing to its flavonoids and its ability trap free radicals extremely effectively.

* Micellar water
* Face scrub
* Biocellulosique mask
* Nectar Vitaminé
* Global Anti-aging Serum
* Global Anti-aging Cream


Blue Mountain
60 minutes

This treatment begins with a full body warm exfoliation followed by a tonifying massage which leaves the skin hydrated, toned, smoothed..

* Heating & exfoliating mask
* Tonifying blueberry massage cream

120 minutes

An ultra-relaxing and stress-relieving care with this four-step treatment full of minerals and vitamins to stimulate circulation, deep-clean, nourish and soften the skin.

* Sugar & salt scrub
* Fresh mint body wrap
* Gold bath salts
* Nectar Vitaminé & Voile de Corps

Edelweiss Secret
120 minutes

This perfect body five-step treatment targets cellulite on thighs, hips, abdomen and buttocks for a unique anti-aging, slimming, disinfiltrating effect with an exquisite sensation of comfort.

* Sugar & salt scrub
* Green slimming body wrap peel-off
* Heavy legs body wrap peel-off
* Slimming concentrate
* Voile de corps