Lou d'Arbois Stem Cells Extreme Defense
Edelweiss stem cells (LEONTOPODIUM ALPINUM) are derived from a new process that does not alter the plant, concentrating its active ingredients at the heart of the cells. The cells reproduce in the laboratory, within a protected and rigorously controlled environment.

A genuine concentrate of active ingredients, Edelweiss has developed several defense mechanisms, enabling it to survive in extremely high altitudes and protect itself from intense sunlight. Scientific studies have demonstrated that Edelweiss also possesses other anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective properties. More specifically, it contains phenolic acids, which 'trap' free radicals and inhibit peroxide ion, resulting in improved protection of type III collagen and ensuring extraordinary skin-protective action against signs of aging.

This active ingredient: * Is Anti-collagenase: protects collagen from degradation and anti-hyaluronidase, * Diminishes wrinkle depth by 15% after only 20 days of treatment, * Helps boost skin firmness and restructure the epidermis. .

Royal Jelly

A genuine cocktail of fortifying and repairing nutrients, royal jelly also boasts excellent purifying and moisturizing properties.¬ By stimulating collagen synthesis and skin regeneration, Royal jelly is also a particularly powerful anti-aging ingredient.
The pure ancient water from the Titlis glacier, located in the heart of Switzerland, is pumped at 3,000 meters in altitude. This calcium and magnesium-rich water promotes tissue exchanges, energizes cellular metabolism and stimulates natural defense mechanisms
White Genepi
An organically produced plant, with protective, antioxidant and anti-hyaluronidase benefits, White Genepi fights against the formation of free radicals, in addition to delivering anti-inflammatory action
Sensitive skin reacts to cold weather, wind, UV light, pollution, stress, cosmetics...

This condition may affect all types of skin, fair or dark, dry or oily, young or mature. It can be temporary or reappear, based on daily aggressions.

To prevent redness and discomfort in sensitive skin, Lou d’Arbois has added Coralline concentrate to its Alpine complex. Coralline are red algae with an original appearance due to their calcified structure, highly concentrated in the minerals and trace elements contained in sea water. Coralline concentrate also brings vasoconstriction activity, and is therefore the ideal solution for comforting and soothing congested skin as well as significantly reducing cutaneous redness. It also works by increasing cellular cohesion and oxygenation, restoring full vitality and luminosity to the skin.

Coralline Concentrate is a water soluble extract taken from Corallina Officinalis. It is extremely rich in minerals and trace elements: * Calcium 50-250 mg/l
* Magnesium 50-250 mg/l
* Iron 2.1 mg/l
* Zinc 6.2 mg/l